Tuesday, October 12, 2010



Like i said i was going to start this week and start posting random stuff to just update any and all people so here goes haha. Ok so as stated in the title i have made many friends while over here and by now i've started to hang out with some more than others and it is always nice to start to get to know people more and more. I was initially hanging out with a lot of kids from california and those are the people that most of my pictures of traveling are with. They are a lot different than me but still from the states so most things are similar. It is really interesting to see how liberal a lot of people on the west coast really are! It's not a bad thing just very different than the surroundings i was raised in in my small town. I've also recently been hanging outj with a lot of Australians and they are a lot of fun becuase they speak english as there first language but its a very different english than ours. They ahve so many cool sayings and phrases they use and slang terms that are so different than ours. For instance in stead of McDonalds or Mickey D's as a lot of Americans call it they call it Mackers. I mean there are a ton of words its really funny. It is really funny to me when i'm talking to people who speak english as their second language and they use words or tenses that don't totally fit, i mean i don't laugh at them i just enjoy the little grammar mistakes. I have no room to talk though because for most of them it is at least their second if not third or fourth language and i only speak spanish otherwise but in no way am i fluent. There are two guys i hang out with a lot now and they are both from indiana so like we all come from a small townish and like very similar and they're just easy to get along with. Other than that i do have so many other friends from all over i have met, Argentina, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, Finland, everywhere its really nice. Also just on a separate note I am enjoying these theme nights with friends at this local pub type thing where everybody dresses up and goes out and dances its a lot of fun, like last night was hawaiian night and it was a good time. Also I will be going to a Netherlands vs. Sweden Socccer match tonight and am soo pumped! Thats some current news and just some random stuff going on here!

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  1. Sounds like fun!!! Yea Netherlands! hope you are having a great time!!