Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Cultural Differences Never End

I think there are something like 45 days left here which seems like a lot but since my entire trip is a total of like 120 days it actually isn't that much left. I know though that 45 days is a lot of time so going to be trying to make the most of it and things do tend to become more exciting everywhere as the holidays close in. This thursday 11/11/2010 marks the begining of carnival.... not exactly sure what that means all i know is that this thursday at 11 am i'm supposed to be at one of the main squares downtown. All i'm pretty sure that in the months of november and december all shops are open on sundays too which is a pretty big deal here and they have already started decorating for christmas. I think a big part of this is the fact that they don't have thanksgiving here so like their next big thing is Christmas. But do not worry we have not forgotten about thanksgiving, all the kids that we normally hang with are so excited to feast on thanksgiving haha. We're going to borrow my German friends kitchen and just go to town so that we do not dissapoint. I dont think any of us have ever made a turkey or most of anything that we normally eat for thanksgiving but it will be fun haha. For the meal I'm pretty sure we will have Germans, Indians (from india, not the actual native americans), Austrailians, Americans, Portuguese, and Chinese people so should be fun! This weekend I'm looking to go to maybe Luxembourg for the day on saturday but that is not set so not completely sure will just have to see what comes up. I did go on the biking trip last weekend on saturday and will have pictures up sometime soon but let me tell you it definitely and adventure. The place I rode to was definitely not that far from here but like once i go there i decided to ride around some too and took a couple random paths and roads around and long story short ended back up in Maastricht without seeing the one thing i wanted to see so ended up biking bake to Kanne again. Kanne is a small town located just accross the border in Belgium so that was cool riding in to another country and honestly apart from the flags and a small sign you couldnt even tell haha. The trip in total was like 18 miles or something but done in jeans and a cardigan haha so not the ideal apparel to ride in but hey it was a little chilly. Classes are going good still these two new ones are a lot of reading which is occupying my time but they aren't terrible cause they're pretty interesting topics. In one class i'm learning about sustainable development and different aspects of that and in my other one we're going in to the differences in cultures and how that affects their management strategies. Both concepts are pretty basic thus far but it is relatively new information to me so pretty interesting. Ok well I have a lecture in a little bit so need to get going. Hope all is well back in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

Much Love,

Devon Latimer

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